Internic address allocation policy

Peter Harter pfh at
Thu Mar 23 18:45:41 UTC 1995

Doug wrote on 3/23/95:

>What effect will the change of ownership at the NIC have?
>I for one would be wary of giving them information that I
>want them to keep private; they are not a government agency
>who is at least bound by some rules.  Now that the NIC has
>been sold to ______ (I have no idea if I am allowed to say
>so I will put it in as a blank, but I am pretty sure this
>is all public knowledge) would agreements to keep things
>private really be secure with a new owner, etc?

>From what I understand, and I may be speaking out of the string here,
Network Solutions, Inc., a private company handling by contract with NSF
the work that is known to be "registration services", has been bought out
by another private company that is interested in continuing the
registration services activity.  I write this because I am unclear as to
whether the NIC is being confused here with just Network Solutions or if
there is another deal that is buying all of the virtual organizations that
make up the InterNIC.


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