Internic address allocation policy

Karl Denninger karl at
Tue Mar 21 15:32:27 UTC 1995

> Host autoconfiguration capabilities isn't a "rocket space" science, but
> would certainly greatly help to accommodate the ability to change
> providers in presence of hierarchical routing.  Granted this wouldn't
> address the problem of dealing with the installed based, but we are not
> aware of any other alternative (except for the NAT boxes and/or
> application layer gateway alternative) that wouldn't require *any*
> changes to the installed base, while at the same time would accommodate
> hierarchical routing  and would allow to change providers.
> Noel Chiappa & Yakov Rekhter

Host autoconfiguration requires that DNS be rewritten as well, though, and
that's something that hasn't had much work done on it.

The implementation of this kind of thing MUST -- repeat -- MUST -- be
complete, or it won't get adopted.  I could sell to people *right now* the
need and want to go to, for example, an integrated bootp/DNS style thing, IF
it was integrated all the way down to the level of plug and play.

Until it is, the manual configuration requirement is a problem -- and one
not easily solved.

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