Internic address allocation policy

Bill Manning bmanning at ISI.EDU
Mon Mar 20 20:31:02 UTC 1995

> In THEORY, once an address range is delegated to you it is YOURS.  CIDR
> permits "holes", that is, more-specific routes.
> Some providers try to force you to "give back" the address(es) when you
> leave.  MCSNet, and most others, do not.  My view on this is that once you
> receive an address consisting of at least a Class "C" block (ie: the last
> octet is yours) then it is yours to keep -- period.
> For sub-C allocations there is no good way to delegate those, and as such
> at present we view sub-C allocations as belonging to us, and I suspect most
> other providers who are as aggressive as we are in delegating small pieces
> of address space also view things in this fashion.

Looks like a double standard to me...  The same argument could be placed
for any subnet not on an 8,16, or 24 bit bound.

Remember that consistant policy is a "Good Thing"(tm?) and something that 
works, -across the board- will last us longer than some simple haq that deals
w/ current, broken hardware/software.  (Will this policy work in 24 months?)


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