Internic address allocation policy

George Herbert gherbert at
Mon Mar 20 19:48:06 UTC 1995

>Speaking from a (large) user organization. I am very concerned about
>having the ISPs performing address allocation, particularly aggregating
>addresses. As a user, I want to be able to change my service provider
>if I get a better deal from a competitor or am having service
>difficulties with my current provider. Today's technology for managing
>addresses on individual computers makes it very hard for an
>organization to renumber. Literally every computer administrator needs
>to be in the loop. This can be a large loop when you have 13,000+
>independently managed machines (like we do).
>How do we users get our say to ensure that an addressing architecture
>doesn't come into existence which tends to lock us into a particular

The entire point behind CIDR was to allow flexible sized blocks
of address announcements via BGP.  The method of sending CIDR
blocks to a provider should not have any direct relation to the
provider's ability to handle "defections" of individual networks
within the block.  I understand your concern, but it really is
pretty orthogonal to the problem of getting enough CIDR blocks to
providers to start with...

-george william herbert
gherbert at

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