Internic address allocation policy

John A. Russo - Geonet Communications johnr at
Mon Mar 20 06:35:24 UTC 1995

>  From: Alan Hannan <alan at>
>  Subject: Re: Internic address allocation policy
>  I know of several companies that would be willing to spend over $10,000 for
>  a class B network.  Money is not the issue.  Your idea of a (more efficient)
>  distribution center makes sense, however, this should be achieved through
>  group concensus and appointed councils, not by who wants to make money.
>If T.J. Rogers was dead, he'd be spinning in his grave right now.
>If you want something done efficiently,  you want it run by people who are
>damn well hungry for money,  not by appointed councils.

I couldn't agree with you more Paul.

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