Internic address allocation policy

Ed Morin edm at
Mon Mar 20 01:47:13 UTC 1995

On Sun, 19 Mar 1995, Karl Denninger wrote:

> The NIC can consider themself on notice for going out of their way to piss 
> off someone who has, in the past, tried to HELP THEM.

I too have tried to responsibly recycle just class-C networks and found that
their position and attitude is worthless to work with.  I try to recycle any-
thing where I can, but this is getting to be too much like typing paper that
costs twice as much recycled as compared to non-recycled stuff.  In other words,
I'm willing to go to as much effort to recycle addresses as get new ones, but
push me much further and I'm not going to bother.  My last experience was with
two class-C nets -- something most folks probably wouldn't even bother with --
and ended up wasting a bunch of time with e-mail exchanges, researching, etc.

So, preach it Karl...

Ed Morin
Northwest Nexus, Inc.

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