Internic address allocation policy

ATM_Feel_the_Power joe at
Sun Mar 19 17:13:48 UTC 1995

The request for a business plan was unreal.  One of our customers was 
ready to demand the business plan for the last large provider who 
requested numbers.  Has NET-99 been frustrated with the process ? Yes. 
Have we screwed up our SWIP's at times ? Yes.  Has the Nic lost requests 
we sent in for domain names etc ? Yes. Is the Nic busy ? We all know that 
answer.  More routes, more numbers more eveything is going to cost us in 
the end.  When it comes to these numbers its time more of us had a say in 
controlling our own future.

I support an increase in funding for the Nic.  I have told them this many 
times.  I also support the recall of unused or under-used numbers.  By 
default I feel we the provider are in the position of telling our future 
customers why we are going to limit the amount of ip numbers we issue. 
Yes, I know SWIP them and they get more. Try telling that to a company 
who has just signed up and paid big dollars to do a nationwide 56k frame 
deal. Try listening to a customer saying he or she can get more numbers 
from another provider.

Bottom line: Lets try to fix this in a common sense fashion and a 
reasonable time.  It is possible.

Joseph Stroup

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