Internic address allocation policy

Hans-Werner Braun hwb at
Sun Mar 19 15:30:59 UTC 1995

>. . .
>Perhaps its time to set up the Anti-NIC and start allocating addresses 
>from 223.255.255.x on down.

If it weren't so sad, I would find this whole exchange very

I doubt that creating an anarchy will solve the problem. In the end,
the InterNIC is a contractor, and does what they are being told. It is
a service provided by the Feds for the better of the community. I am
not trying to defend the InterNIC, just saying that they are more or
less a robot operating on some guidelines. If you have a robot with
better guidelines, more power to you. I suspect the problem is not the
robot, but the guidelines (the program it executes). May be the
guidelines should be worked on, and I encourage the people who complain
on this list to develop better guidelines, then get community
consensus, then go to the funding agenci(es) that are responsible for
the NICs and present your case to them. If you get that far, I suspect
your likelihood of success to achieving a change is above the 95th
percentile. I know that both the InterNIC as well as Jon Postel have
explicitly asked for guidance from constituents over the years. Seems
to me like they have been left alone and now people are complaining,
given the reaction on both sites of the addressing space being a scarce

Of course, I cannot help the thought that the community could have
chosen (extendable) NSAPs years back as part of a CLNP package.


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