Internic address allocation policy

ATM_Feel_the_Power joe at
Sat Mar 18 23:25:37 UTC 1995

It would be a good idea to recover the ip address numbers that have never 
been used. I would also suggest that within 90 days of issuance the 
numbers must be in service or they are recalled.

I mentioned to the Nic that there are several class B numbers out there 
being used as a "status symbol" , not for the purpose stated. All I hear 
is lets talk about not and not the past.

For international X.25 services NET-99 required a DNIC number. The FCC 
inserts a clause states the following: all DNIC assignments are 
provisional and no assignee obtains an ownership or property interest in 
a DNIC assignment. As a rseult, the DNIC herein assigned is expressly 
subject to possible revocation or reassignment as may be required because 
of a shortage of DNIC's or as otherwise required in the public interest.

If you fail to agree, you don't get a number. Throughout the FCC letters 
there is a constant mention of "this scarce DNIC resource may necessitate 
reassignment of codes not implemented within a six-month period.

Now if the FCC has been doing this I am sure we could work out something 
with the Nic.

Joseph Stroup

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