Internic address allocation policy

Paul Lustgraaf grpjl at
Sat Mar 18 01:04:32 UTC 1995

Does anyone but me agree that the Internic's current address allocation
policy is counter-productive?  I've been trying for three weeks now to get
a block of addresses assigned to me for re-assignment to my customers.
I run the non-profit Internet in the whole state of Iowa and the Internic
asks me to tell them *ahead of time* how many hosts there will be and
the subnet and masking policy for this block.

How the H***  am I supposed to know that?

Since I sent in this request, I have had *legitimate* requests for over
40 class C-sized blocks.  If I have to go to my regional providers block
to satisfy them, it will just contribute to the global routing table

My regional provider, Midnet, tells me that to get the last CIDR block,
they had to put in over 16 man-hours convincing the Internic that their
request was valid.  This is from a Regional that serves 7 states!

Is this crazy, or what?

Now, what do we do about it?

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