IP provider performance measurement BOF

Henry Clark henryc at oar.net
Mon Mar 13 05:28:59 UTC 1995

>> A first step of talking about the issues and how to do this (NSP performance)
>> seems like a good idea to me.
>Mind, this was tried several times before with limited success.
>We do, however, need updates to RFC 1291.   

Vikas's efforts live on in GISD.  Developing new and different ways of 
measuring Internet performance is always a win, when said method tells 
us and the consumer something useful.  Developing a sales checklist for 
ISPs is probably not the mission of the IETF.

>We might also want to
>look at the OP-STAT WG efforts that Henry Clark and Nevell have
>been working on.

Note that what we're doing is *COMPLETELY* unrelated to 1291 or GISD.  Seen
that hole and have successfully driven around it :-).


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