IP provider performance measurement BOF

Curtis Villamizar curtis at ans.net
Wed Mar 8 21:43:25 UTC 1995

In message <199503070244.VAA19836 at merit.edu>, "Roger Fajman" writes:
> > I think that this is a great idea, however, I want to stress
> > that the appropriate forum for the discussion of _results_
> > as opposed to the development of the tools to gather them
> > is NOT the IETF, but rather NANOG or IESG.
> >
> > Any attempt by a WG at IETF to benchmark issues related
> > to operations, or to attempt to compare operational aspects
> > of ISPs, is something that I will not find particularly friendly.
> >
> > OTOH, I *would* like to see NANOG and IESG be the place
> > to test whatever the WG comes up with and to discuss and
> > share results.
> >
> >        Sean.
> Some of us customers would like to see such results too.
> They don't have to come from an IETF WG, but it would be
> very helpful for them to come from some unbiased source.
> Perhaps Scott Bradner has some spare time.  :-)
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IMO the IETF Operations Area has not been unfair or hostile toward
providers.  I'm not sure what the objections are.


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