more nets in _690$

R. Eric Bennett reb at
Wed Mar 8 00:39:02 UTC 1995

At 7:22 PM 3/7/95, Serpil Bayraktar wrote:
>AS 690 meant only 140.222 in rcp_routed days and gated was kludged
>to continue to do that.  The new networks that come from AS 690
>are actually directly attached DMZs and gated treats them as
>part of AS 690.  As the routing on ANSNet changes, there are no
>ASes we can associtae with these DMZs so we let gated do the
>right thing, announce local networks with its own AS.  But why
>is this a problem as long as our neighbors receive 140.222 and
>default to that?

you go girl...

remember what i said about moving down the road...


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