IP provider performance measurement BOF

Matt Mathis mathis at zippy.psc.edu
Mon Mar 6 19:55:26 UTC 1995

I have volunteered to chair a BOF on "IP provider performance measurement"
at the Danvers IETF.  I think that 9:00 AM Thursday the 6th will be fine.

The BOF will first focus on issues relating to a possible WG.  We will address
such questions as need, scope, charter and chair.

I hope to spend most of the time doing real work.

Rough Draft Charter:   IP Provider Metrics (IPPM)

The IPPM WG will develop a set of standard measures (metrics?) that can be
applied to the the quality, performance and reliability of an IP datagram
service.  These metrics will be designed such that they can be performed by
the providers themselves, customers, potential customers or independent
testing groups.

The areas covered will include:
        I) Path Performance
                A) Bulk data transfer performance (ftp, etc)
                B) Interactive performance (Telnet, X11, etc)
                C) Real-time and multicast performance (delay statistics)
        II) Routing stability and robustness
                A) Availability
                B) Time to recover (e.g. switch to backup paths)
                C) Route stability (Spurious route transitions, etc)

The IPPM WG will select or adapt existing tools and develop standard
procedures for performing and documenting the measurements.


Do you need additional information?

Is there a procedures document for BOF chairs?  WG chairs?
When and where should I circulate an agenda?


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