Bill Manning considered fatal

Tony Li tli at
Fri Jun 30 21:47:21 UTC 1995

   >- Please recall that the technical savvy of the beginner customer base
   >has dropped two orders of magnitude in just the last three years.
   This is a relative drop.  Humans have not gotten dumber, the technology has
   gotten much more sophisticated!  What do we do when we can't find
   humans that can understand what is going on and how to deal with it?

Excuse me, but you miss my point.  The technical expertise of the
human trying to join the Internet today HAS dropped considerably.  And
we are not even yet to mainstream PC users yet.  You raise a very good
question, which I don't have the solution to.  We _need_ an entirely
self-configuring network.  But that's a different discussion.


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