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>   two questions (and a task) for the list(s)
>          2.   What will it take to get router vendors to modify default
>                  setup to select a classless IGP instead of (RIP,IGRP)?
>The power-off of the last IPv4 network.
>You should understand that there are many reasons for this:
>- All of the classful protocols today are incredibly hard to work with
>for a beginning user.  OSPF has about 3 orders of magnitude more knobs
>than it needs.  EIGRP (which we tried REALLY hard to keep simple) is
>about two orders of magnitude too hard.  Both are resource intensive
>and require careful hand-holding.  RIP2 is less piggish, but still is
>two orders of magnitude too messy.
When the world gets complicated, the tools to deal with it get complicated.  
I am not sure that AI is mature enough to deal with all this.

>- Please recall that the technical savvy of the beginner customer base
>has dropped two orders of magnitude in just the last three years.
This is a relative drop.  Humans have not gotten dumber, the technology has
gotten much more sophisticated!  What do we do when we can't find humans that
can understand what is going on and how to deal with it?

>- You don't need classful in a stub network for CIDR purposes.  Yes,
>it helps for address efficiency IF the user can figure out VLSM.
>- The defaults need to be for the most common case: rank beginner in a stub.
>- There are many networks which are NOT the Internet.  CIDR only
>applies to the Internet.
You want to loose sleep?  Imagine a world wide Novell network!

>I sympathize, but this is a case where the intelligent actually must
>lose to the tyranny of the majority.


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