EP.NET ???

bmanning at ISI.EDU bmanning at ISI.EDU
Mon Jul 31 13:51:16 UTC 1995

> The existence of a forward mapping is not a necessary technical
> precondition for you to insert a reverse mapping which points in
> the right direction, i.e. at the organization operating the
> boxes.  However I also have trouble seeing why any ISP would
> willingly decline to register it's boxes in the DNS.  

Welcome to the USA, Land of a thousand startup ISP's.
They decline for a couple of reasons:

	- They don't have DNS running internally
	- They perceive the EP node to be "outside" their domain
	- They don't know/care
	- A default is provided.

Now I will agree that the forward mapping is not a necessary
technical precondition, there is a need to the reverse mapping.
That mapping needs a name.


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