EP.NET ???

John G. Scudder jgs at aads.net
Sat Jul 29 18:31:26 UTC 1995

At 10:18 AM 7/29/95, Randy Bush wrote:
>There's another value-subtracted service offered to IXers by this kind
>service.  "The block is set aside for numbering exchange
>points.  The block is listed to ISI. Specific sub-delegations can be made as
>needed."  Nice way to break aggregation, create an extra route, ...

What is your proposal for numbering exchange points in a more aggregatable
fashion?  An exchange point is about as multi-homed as they come, and as
you know multi-homed nets "break aggregation" anyway.  I suppose you could
take the address for the EP medium out of one of the attached providers'
address space, but that's a small improvement at best (and a hole at worst,
if that provider later disconnects from the EP).

BTW, I agree as to the non-utility of ep.net.


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