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On July 28, you wrote:
>>    Date: Fri, 28 Jul 95 09:19:42 PDT
>>    From: "Roy Engehausen" <enge at>
>>    Just a lurker normally but how about using product/services as a
>>    qualifer?  Examples:
> I like this one!  It not only deepens the name space but can provide
> some additional (read "advertising") to the user, making it an easier
> proposal to sell.
> For example, I would not want to loose, but I would be more
> willing to use than (geographic).
> It shouldn't be too difficult to have your company listed under
> multiple product/service categories if your company covers more than
> one.

  I too am normally a lurker here...but I would have to agree.  It
also makes certain real-world situations easier.  Things like
"Mr. Sysadmin?  You know the Internet real well, right?  Can you help
me find information on bicycles?" become much easier with a
descriptive hierarchy like this.  I like it.

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