to name or not name

Hans-Werner Braun hwb at
Fri Jul 28 18:08:39 UTC 1995

>Yuckk! Why put all the intelligence in the central system. Look at the 

What central system? Did I say central system?

>Internet, dumb routers and packet switches flipping data bits all over 
>the place with all the intelligence in the hosts at the periphery. Paul 
>has a mail server at that receives his mail and if he 
>really needed access remotely, he can just run a POP server there and 
>pick it up anywhere there is a net connection. Or if he cares about where 
>the mail lands, he can have forward all his mail via UUCP 
>and then poll via TCP/IP or modem from wherever he happens to be located.

POP servers and mail forwarders are friends of mine. I use both every single

All I am trying to say is that I think we should decouple the complexities
of the Internet system from what a user sees, while at the same time
increasing the functionality. Setting up and running and whatever a POP
server and such is no problem with me, but, for example, my kids prefer to
just have things work, and finding what they are looking for, and them not
having to worry about arbitrary complexities. Not that they would not care,
but they should not *have* to.

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