Bill Woodcock woody at
Fri Jul 28 18:10:21 UTC 1995

          markk at (Mark Kosters) writes:
        >, the perennial favorite, is one of these domains.
        > However, I would not advocate that name. Perhaps or
    I'm assuming that you and Mr. Barton are discounting the possibility
    of using "" since it's already registered.  You are, in
    fact, welcome to use it in examples, since all we do with it is
    explain to people from whom we get mail on user at and
    user at how to reconfigure their email gateways (since
    that's generally what's misconfigured, that or return addresses) so
    that they'll work.  We registered it as something between a joke and a
    public service.
    Alternatively, if you'd like to maintain some sort of purity, we can
    relinquish the domain back to the NIC for a good cause like this, with
    the caveat that you'll get a lot of mail from clueless people who want
    to know why you've hijacked their email.  :-)
                             -Bill Woodcock

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