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Fri Jul 28 06:44:26 UTC 1995

On Thu, 27 Jul 1995, Paul A Vixie wrote:

> We have _got_ to anhililate the value of these names.  

When industrial real-estate is hard to find, prices go WAY UP! But when 
the city zoning committee rezones land to open up a new industrial park, 
the value of the average industrial real-estate drops.

What do you think will happen when the Internic allows .BIZ, .INC, .LTD, 
.PTY, .GMBH, .OY, and .CORP to be used? Of course, IBM will be able to 
prevent anyone else from registering as IBM.CORP simply because they own 
the trademark. But widening the roor namespace combined with a rule that 
only INCORPORATED companies can register in the international commercial 
domains will solve many of these problems., green.corp,, and will be completely different companies 
but they all get nice short names. And the folks at Green Auto Parts in 
Raleigh NC can still register as and they will be quite 
happy since they only have 10 machines on their store LAN.

> god's green earth that a small company is going to allow themselves to be

Yep, we need a .GOD and a .EARTH domain as well. Who will register 
TRUE.GOD with a machine named ONE as their web server?

> Everyone, large and small, has to be treated as equally as possible.  And
> the domain names have to be quite a lot uglier than they are now, such that
> the tendancy to register under .NET,.COM,.ORG,etc just to protect the company
> name or trademark(s) will no longer bear useful fruit for those who do it.

This is always a problem when a resource is made artificially scarce.

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