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Thu Jul 27 15:57:38 UTC 1995

> Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 07:42:05 -0700
> From: Paul A Vixie <paul at>
> I already know that U.S. companies put under states are going to feel
> overspecified.  I can already hear the reasons why IBM.COM.NY.US is
> supposedly "wrong" since IBM is a nationwide, no, worldwide company.
> On the other hand they're incorporated in New York and the point isn't
> to have the name make sense, it's to keep the hierarchy from flattening.

To make matters far worse, a very disproportionate number of
corporations are "located" in Delaware for legal and tax reasons, even
if they only have a small office in that state. Whoever is responsible
for DE will have a very big job! And think of all the traffic that
will cross teh pond because people forget the ".US"!

I think Paul is right on the mark on this one.

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