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Michael Dillon michael at
Thu Jul 27 15:54:32 UTC 1995

On Thu, 27 Jul 1995, Mike Lawrie wrote:

> Michael Dillon writes:-
> > I think the key is to let people choose. The county name system and the 
> > .FAM system do not give people a choice. If cousin Ned wants to be in the 
> > .KLINGON domain and Aunt Sarah wants to be in the .SEWMISTRESS domain, 
> > why not let them? Realistically, in order to keep the root under control 
> > these should be .KLINGON.ROLE and .SEWMISTRESS.ROLE but maybe Aunt Martha 
> > is happy with the .SMITH.FAM domain.
> Hmm. If you are looking for ideas (who said that they had to be good?
> what's good about a geographic/city split anyway?), why not have
> <SURNAME>.US, and let the family tree start to hang together. If there
> are, say, too many DILLON.US branches of the family, then the Dillons
> themselves can split this by whatever method suits them. If there are
> strong ties with those Dillons who arrived in 1687, then 1687.DILLON.US
> could be used, if the Dillons in Boston form a unit, then
> BOSTON.DILLON.US and so what if someone moves out of Boston, they still
> have the same family relationship.

I live in Canada, my father came from Ireland. Do we really need 
as well?

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