US Domain -- County Delegations

Paul A Vixie paul at
Thu Jul 27 14:42:05 UTC 1995

> what's good about a geographic/city split anyway?), why not have

Top level geographies are most likely to map to organizations willing to
maintain subdelegations.  Other than that, it's all arbitrary other than
that it's necessary to have a deep tree.

I already know that U.S. companies put under states are going to feel
overspecified.  I can already hear the reasons why IBM.COM.NY.US is
supposedly "wrong" since IBM is a nationwide, no, worldwide company.
On the other hand they're incorporated in New York and the point isn't
to have the name make sense, it's to keep the hierarchy from flattening.

When 25,000,000 companies have domain names, there will be at least three
labels in most of those top level names.  It cannot be helped.

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