US Domain -- County Delegations

Curtis Villamizar curtis at
Thu Jul 27 13:13:18 UTC 1995

In message <199507271156.AA14615 at>, Bill Manning writes:
> > 
> > So far I'm headed toward "Label.Hash.COM.US" where Label is something
> > like SUN or IBM or VIX, Hash is a variable sized token generated from Label
> > and intended to keep the single .COM.US domain from growing into a monster.
> > "Label.Hash.COM.State.US" is also a possibility, that's up to the USDOMREG.
> > Closing .COM and moving to this new structure is going to be a huge
> > undertaking, of course.
> > 
> This idea (that domains can get too large) was the idea behind the bigzone
> mailing list.  John Romkey was the first (to my knowledge) to propose a
> series of psudo-random labels to create enough heirarchy to support the size
> and scope of wide scale deployment.


That a great idea.  Just replace the dots in your numeric address with
underscore and make it part of the domain name.  :-) :-) Then you have
to remember that cnidr is in reston and what their numeric address is.

I hope people recognize friendly sarcasm.  No offense intended Bill.
The whole point of a name space is to make things easier to remember.

There is no reason you can't be in two domains.  Machines can have
cnames and people can have multiple MX records.  You just have to pick
your favorite for the in-addr.

Maybe .com can be split by country that you are incorporated in and in
the US moved under .us and further split by state of incorporation (or
state in which you do primary business for unincorporated businesses
and masquerades).  Perhaps in the US we could also do with a requirement that you be listed on
that stock exchange (and maybe even delagated to the exchange),
covering publicly held companies and do privately held companies by
state if neccesary.

There are more problems than just the size of the zone transfer and
the load on a small number of DNS servers.  There is also the problem
of distributing the delegation of name space registration.  This is
only a problem if you are currently stuck with the job.  Maybe someone
from the Internic would care to comment.


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