US Domain -- County Delegations

Mike Lawrie mlawrie at
Thu Jul 27 06:15:55 UTC 1995

Michael Dillon writes:-

> This would seem to indicate that geographical domains are a bad idea and 
> that domain names should be based on some characteristic that is less 
> likely to change over time.

The issue is surely one of who is prepared to do the work, and not one
of routing or co-location. The present 3-letter domains have little in
common wrt geography (eg some .com and .org sites are in Africa),  but
rather they have a lot to do with the association between the

If you have a city-based domain structure, then you have the problem of
the address changing (or should change, of course in practice this will
be resisted) when someone moves to a new area code within the USA, just
like a telephone number changes (which of course it does).  Because
this problem exists with telephones does not mean that it has to exist
on the Internet. I'd like to think that if someone left South Africa,
or someone from the US spent some time out here, that the text form (ie
what humans remember) of their address would not have to change (and I
don't mean simply the forwarding of email via a .forward file). If some
is willing to register a domain and run it properly, IMHO
life would be a lot easier than requiring hackers to change their
address each time that they move.

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