US Domain -- County Delegations

Mark Christopher Davies mcd at
Wed Jul 26 18:26:18 UTC 1995

> We are planning to delegate every county name as a locality name in each 
> State.  For example, "Ventura.CA.US", "Dade.FL.US", "Riverside.CA.US".
> We are looking for volunteers to support the domain name registration and
> provision of name servers for these county domains.  If you are interested 
> in providing this service please return the template below. For further 
> information about the US Domain please see RFC 1480.

Each state Department of Motor Vehicles maintains a two or three 
character representation of the county names for display on driver's 
licenses.  To shorten the overall address of the geographic domain, would 
it be easier to utilize this code rather than a full name?

If I understand what is proposed, Johnson Systems would become

rather than (under the current naming system)

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