Internic procedure problems

Mark Kosters markk at
Fri Jul 21 10:18:40 UTC 1995

> I've been thinking about this incident with the wrong address in the .net 
> domain for and I have come to the conclusion that the Internic 
> needs to review some of their procedures.

We recognize the problem and are making incremental improvements to the service
while attempting to keep up with the load (700 new a day on average and a high 
of 900+). The next round of improvements is reserving the domain as it is sent
into our system, parsing and rejecting badly-formed templates, and running dns 
sanity checks (it is in beta-test now). Internally, we have discussed this 
ad-nauseam and plan on issuing a short paper on the domain processes (what we 
expect from you, what to expect from us, etc). I'll announce this on the 
rs-info at list as well as here. If you have any more suggestions, 
I'm all ears.

> problem would not occur. THis is not the first time I have encountered 
> such a problem. A few weeks ago I helped a small college in California 
> sort out a problem with their email which was the result of the incorrect 
> nameserver being recorded in the domain.
This is a domain that is not administrated by us. I guess it is not just
us that is experiencing this type of problem.

> Another thing that would be nice to see is some method for updating domain
> information similar to the way routing policy is updated. If I wish to 
> change secondary nameservers, I should be able to directly update records 
> for my domain rather than submit an email request and wait 3-4 weeks for 
> an overworked human being to get around to it. This is especially 
> irritating for us because when we switched providers and therefore needed 
> to switch secondary nameservice, it only took a few days to get the 
> in-addr domains changed but our .net domain is dragging on forever.

You are experiencing the effects of the lastest surge of domain requests.
A month ago we almost caught up but since then have been blasted by
requests and phone calls putting us down in the hole again.


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