New Reflector info (fwd)

bmanning at ISI.EDU bmanning at ISI.EDU
Wed Jul 12 13:02:40 UTC 1995

>         We have a version of the new reflector code up on the Cornell
> reflector at now.  However, it only tracks for new versions
> of the desktop app, the Mac version of which will go to alpha testers today
> maybe.  We're trying to update the reflector so it will also track (more
> crudely) the old versions of the app.  As this will be the first version of
> the reflector to be released in binary only (except to source licensees),
> we're co-ordinating with White Pine to get it compiled for all the popular
> platforms and binaries posted.  We may have updates out several times in
> the next couple weeks as the bw management algorithms get tuned.
>         If all goes well, we should have both Mac and Windows apps out as
> beta versions by the time of IETF.
>         Some thought on best way to configure reflectors for IETF is
> probably a good idea.  In general, a feed from a reflector at IETF to the
> mbone, picked up by other reflectors in useful places might be a good
> approach.
> Cheers, -Dick
> >Bill Manning from ISI is trying to set up and MBONE/CU-SeeMem
> >transmission of some IETF sessions from Sweden in 2 weeks. He
> >wanted to know when the nex reflector software with the
> >better bandwidth management will be released - and if not before
> >IETF, is there a way to push the release day up..
> >
> >martyne
> >


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