Bill Manning considered fatal

Tony Li tli at
Sat Jul 1 08:41:47 UTC 1995

   What, Tony, are you trying to tell me that we have to get rid of all the
   dumb routers out there now to get rid of dumb routing? That the Shiva
   Fastpath will not implement OSPF and cost less than $3000? That old copies
   of FTP Software's PC code that can't deal with non-octet-aligned subnet
   masks (let alone supernets) are going to be in use by SOMEBODY as long as
   there is such a benighted nightmare as an IBM PC?

   Naw, no way, I simply can't believe that. And by the way, ATM is going to
   take over the world tomorrow, because we all know that computers are going
   to stop sporting RS-232-C interfaces Real Soon Now.

Well, it's true.  I'm sorry Fred.  Please turn in your KSR-33.


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