Transition question (ENSS status)

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Fri Feb 24 17:22:08 UTC 1995

  Several regionals have given their notice to NSF and Merit. To date
it's only been possible for Merit to give ANS notice to terminate
one ENSS. That was for ENSS 138 in Atlanta. Merit will soon, before
the end of February, give notice to ANS to terminate all other ENSSs
to meet the end of April deadline. Merit's termination notice will
include ENSSs at the FIXs. Eric

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Out of curiosity, has any regional sent MERIT or has
MERIT sent ANS a 60-day notice of termination yet?

What happens if ANS doesn't get the 60-day termination
notices 60 days in advance of the end of the cooperative

Also, for the fednet crowd, once the cooperative agreement
expires and ANS is no longer a federal network, and also has
no IRC obligations, will they still be permitted to remain
at the FIXes, or will that be considered less important
given the plans to link the FIXes and the MAEs in various

WRT the FIXes, mostly I'm wondering about the fate of
ENSS145, and pondering the fate of ICM AS 1800's external

	Sean. (Just curious, and figuring someone here might know)

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