IISP Congress (fwd)

Curtis Villamizar curtis at ans.net
Thu Feb 23 07:09:57 UTC 1995

In message <199502222300.SAA12080 at home.merit.edu>, Elise Gerich writes:
> At the NANOG meeting in Boulder, we decided to discuss the date and location
> of the next meeting on line.
> Enclosed is the announcment of the IISP which has offered to host the next
> NANOG meeting in San Diego on April 10, 1995.  Please send email to the list
> indicating whether this would be a good date for the next meeting, and if
> you would consider attending then.
> If this is not a good time/place, please make recommendations to the list
> or to me privately as to an alternate date/place.
> Thanks.
>          --Elise
[ ... ]
> > 
> > The registration fee for an organization is US$ 600.  This fee covers two
> > attendees from the organization.  The aim is to have one policy and one
> > technical attendee.
> > 
> > The registration fee for additional person from an organization is
> > US$ 600 EACH.  A registration form for an additional person will be sent
> > upon request.

They offered to host this.  That's awfully generous of them.  Does
anyone remember how much Merit and NCAR charge for NANOG meetings?
IISP must be serving very good cookies.


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