IISP Congress (fwd)

Sean Doran smd at sprint.net
Thu Feb 23 00:57:29 UTC 1995

| The $600 registration fee for this event also begs the question of what, if 
| any, value the ISOC brings to NANOG.

I shall be extremely frank and state that in my humble
personal opinion, the answer to Vince's question is:
"Absolutely Nothing".

Moreover, if you swap out NANOG and swap in IEPG, the
answer is still "Absolutely Nothing", in spades.


P.S.: I think ISOC's role in these operations forums should
      be limited to nil, or at most allowing them to offset 
the cost of coffee and donuts that the hosts of the NANOG
or IEPG conferences usually provide, provided, of course,
that ISOC well understands that neither body is beholden to
it, or operates "under its auspices" or whatever.

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