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Just when I think that I understand things, I find out how little I know,
or how little I should trust my instincts.  I'll try to translate some
North American idioms for you below.  Anyway, MSU's difficulty should be
finished now.


At 12:13 PM 2/06/95, Sean Doran wrote:
>Actually, what happened in this case was a typo in a filter
>list on icm-dc-1 which blocked the announcement from the Dante
>One or more of us here is at fault for accidentally
>adjusting things in the wrong way.  Chalk up another round
>to fat finger syndrome...
    ^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^   = bad typing mistakes (from fat fingers)

>Some automation for updating some
>of AS 1800's configuration is in the works, so hopefully
                               ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ = in progress

>this won't be a recurring problem after that's done.
>We did have some difficulty in tracking this down initially,
>as we had no idea who should have been announcing AS 3058
>routes to AS 1800, and the filter-list appeared good at
>first glance.
>Dante looked into things on their end over the past couple
>of days, and informed us that they were announcing things to us
>OK and that things looked OK on the Dante 4000 in D.C., and asked
>us to re-check the filter list.
>Sure enough, they were right, and the 120 line filter-list
>had a botch near the end.
       ^^^^^ = mistake
>This was fixed this morning (D.C. time) and routing in this
>case seems to be working OK.
>A note went out to the people directly involved earlier
>        Sean.
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