% of good routes in RADB

bmanning at ISI.EDU bmanning at ISI.EDU
Sat Dec 30 23:27:44 UTC 1995

> It's not like Elise polluted it (well, maybe Bill did:-).  That is all
> *our* old PRDB gnurr.  If we did not care enough to clean it up in those
> days, and we don't look in there now and clean up our pieces, who are we
> to complain?  Ever read "Grazing of the Commons"?
> randy

	Well, my lowly efforts were to register RFC 1597 nets into the
	ASzero aut-num.  There may be some effort placed into doing the same
	for un-delegated blocks and then working with the IR of last
	resort to ensure that such blocksare "freed" when delegated.


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