Question on % of good routes and plea for an RA mail list was Re: Routing registry was Re: Sprint BGP filters in 207.x.x.x?

Gordon Cook gcook at
Thu Dec 28 22:48:51 UTC 1995

Curtis, that was very helpful -- thank you!

If I could ask a few further questions.  You said:

"The RIPE database was a better format since the PRDB was AS690 specific."

May I ask:  Is AS690 the Autonomus System number for ANS?  I understand 
indeed that the PRDB was ANS specific but how exactly did that make the 
Ripe Database a better format?  If it was a better format, it couldn't be 
used because the PRDB had components that were not transferrable to 
RIPE?  Are you saying that to transfer the ANS database into RIPE format 
would have taken a very sizable number of person months?

Just testing whether I understand you correctly.  Glad to know that you 
think nanog is appropriate for this discussion.

I am trying to understand where we are at this point and am not trying to 
saddle any particular person or entity with any blame.   You are being 
helpful and I appreciate that.

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