Question on % of good routes and plea for an RA mail list was Re: Routing registry was Re: Sprint BGP filters in 207.x.x.x?

Gordon Cook gcook at
Tue Dec 26 19:49:08 UTC 1995

On december 14 Elise gerich wrote to the above recipients:

Some of the information in the RADB is "historical." It was carried over
from the PRDB for purposes of the transition from the NSFNET Backbone
Service to the current US Internet Architecture. The RA team has been
working with CA*net and ANS to reduce duplicate route objects
which are artifacts of the transition.  Several months ago, approximately
3000 routes were deleted from the RADB because CA*net worked with us to
identify which routes were now being maintained in the CA*net DataBase.
Approximately, 1000 route objects have been deleted as a result of
a request from ANS more recently.

Approximately 20% of the route objects that existed at the time of
the transition have been removed.

COOK:  So when you say 20% of the routes have been removed, how does one 
judge what remains that is defunct and still remains to be removed????  Of 
the 80% does anyone have a clue as to whether 95% of the 80% are "good" or 
whether the real total of good routes might be on 50% of the 80%??

Now Elise has questioned the propriety of using NANOG for questions about 
the routing arbiter.  Fine.  But as far as I can tell no one is running a 
routing arbiter mail list.  Without such a list the only choice is to 
take things to one on one private mail with bill manning and/or elise.

Perhaps Merit would be willing to establish such a list?  If Merit 
declines, would someone else do it?

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