Service Problems

William Allen Simpson bsimpson at
Wed Dec 20 03:28:17 UTC 1995

Gosh, and I thought that it was PSI that had these characteristics.  No,
I don't subscribe to PSI, but some of my clients/contacts do.

Not long ago, their Detroit switch had been down for 4.5 hours (and
thereby a big chunk of the midwest, since they refuse to peer at NAPs),
and they hadn't even noticed!  I had to _tell_ them to ping it, and the
address to ping.  (They did know how to ping.)

On the other hand, I have been very pleased with MCI NOC.  Yes, MCI has
some problems too, but they even CALLED BACK to let me know when
_another_ provider (PSI) had fixed the problem that I reported, rather
than me trying again every 10 minutes to see if it was fixed yet.  That
kind service overwhelmed me with joy and brought tears to my eyes!

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