Sprint Service Problems

Nathan Stratton nathan at netrail.net
Wed Dec 20 02:03:14 UTC 1995

On Tue, 19 Dec 1995, Justin Newton wrote:

> Well, I tried constructive criticism, I tried writing email, I even tried 
> just telling the temps they hire to run the INSC /exactly/ what to type 
> in to fix a problem.  Lets see, after that I got to explain to them what 
> the /?? postfix on IP adresses meant.  You're right, we should /help/ 
> them for proving that they cannot do their job or even find someone to 
> hire to do the job. Go sprint.  Woowoo.  Needless to say I don't have 
> fond thoughts when it conerns sprint's backbone.  The designed a broken 
> backbone and then hired non-technical techs to handle the NOC desk.  
> There are about 4 good people at sprint that you actually get to talk to, 
> Elliot Alby, Diane (don't know her last name), and at least Mohammad and 
> Prassad will do what you tell them to.  Sean Doran is great when you get 
> through to him (email only), and Rick Martin does a tolerable job with 
> news (in an organisation where tolerable is a bright spot).  The fact of 
> the matter is that Sprint provides inferior service at market prices.  
> Any questions?

Diane, is great, but she left. :-( And Rich Martin is not working wiht 
sprint now. I love calling sprint and showing them what they need to do 
to fix there news box.

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