Sprint Service Problems

Justin Newton justin at rainbow.dgsys.com
Tue Dec 19 21:13:45 UTC 1995

On Tue, 19 Dec 1995, Melise wrote:

> Mr. Lewis,
> If you are a Sprint customer and are not calling these service lapses to their
> Network Management Center's attention, you are not giving them the opporturnity
> to serve you properly.
> Escalate the problem. 

Well, when you call and you get some brand new temp (who sometimes I 
actually know irl and they can barely /spell/ computer) who says, "Uhm, 
we aren't having a problem".  You then explain the problem to them and 
they go "Routing loop?" at which point you explain what a routing loop is 
so that they can write an intelligible trouble ticket, at which point you 
get in a queue where you get a call back by someone who at least know 
that Cisco makes routers an hour later, well, it doesn't inspire 
confidence (It does, however, inspire run on sentences).  I stopped 
calling in anything except the most major of problems months ago (It was 
pointless, nothing got fixed unless I stayed on the phone long enough to 
actually teach the people what a router was, how the internet worked and 
then got ecalated, after about the third escalation I would get someone 
reasonably competent and they would fix it in ten seconds.  I let someone 
else waste their time in the hold queue now.)  Yes, I have bad feelings 
towards sprint.  When they make a backbone that works then they should 
come back to the internet.  As seen in sig files everywhere, "The 
internet was built to survive a nuclear strike?  It can't even survive 

> respectfully,
> Melise Jones
> Sustaining Engineer
> BBN Systems and Technologies

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