Not to beat a dead horse

William Allen Simpson bsimpson at
Tue Dec 19 15:24:25 UTC 1995

> From: Avi Freedman <freedman at>
> But I still see 4 /24s advertised in 208/8:
> Now, besides the fact that & could be
> (grin), what IS the appropriate way to deal with an ongoing situation
> where un-NIC-allocated IP space is advertised on the Internet?
My solution would be to filter the routes based on AS.

Someday, those routes will be announced from a valid provider, and you
will need to know the valid AS from which they should be announced to
ignore the bogons.

> We have no plans to implement incoming route filters on 208/8 - who
> knows when the NIC will start allocating out of it.
The RA knows?

Maybe this is a valid use of the RADB?

Cannot the NIC update the RA with both prefix and AS?

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