Sprint Service Problems

garlic at garlic.com garlic at garlic.com
Tue Dec 19 17:20:26 UTC 1995

Its hard to determine where the problem was without further data.  I can
tell you that UUNET's San Jose complex has crashed several times this
morning and that it is not an unusual occurance.

dlewis at Teir.COM wrote:
> Its days like this when I just love sprint:
>   8 sl-dc-8-F0/0.sprintlink.net ( 12 msec 16 msec 12 msec
> Sadly this is all too common of an occurrence. What is sprint doing to help keep
> problems like this from becoming chronic?  Is it just me or is Sprint
> particularly bad about this?
> I guess the reason that I'm bringing this up here is I wonder if these types of
> problems are the result of any particular choices Sprint made in their
> design....  If so I would like to know how to avoid them. :)
> I know that hardware fails and things break, but Sprint has had (in my opinion)
> more than it's share of problems.
> -D
> Darrel Lewis
> Network Engineer
> Thomson Electronic Information Resources
> dlewis at teir.com

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