Sprint Service Problems

Steve Goldstein sgoldste at nsf.gov
Tue Dec 19 15:08:58 UTC 1995

First, if you are getting SPAMmed with <furlough> messages from NSF, sorry.
The server does it automagically.  I am still reading my mail from home,
though now in an UNOFFICIAL capacity, as I am forbidden from performing
gummint service...

Next, please realize that the operational and implementor folks at Sprint
are held hostage to the big bureaucrazy problem: they have to wait each
year for the next budget cycle to play catch-up with their performance

So, do your best to help them by sending constructive comments to them for
them that they might show to their top-level management that is still
living in the days of voice telephony with 25-year depreciation cycles on
central office gear.  Don't stop complaining, but try to give the clueful
guys within Sprint something to help them win the good fights internally.

This, obviously goes for other service providers, too.

--SG (Furloughed Fed)

Steve Goldstein, National Science Foundation
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