Are the Route Servers Viable Solutions That Are Being Held Hostage?

Gordon Cook gcook at
Sun Dec 17 05:30:10 UTC 1995


I am trying learn and understand and if I was unnecessarily harsh on 
sprint I apologize.  Thank you for setting forth your point of view as 
eloquently as you have.  I hope that MERIT and ANS will address the 
issues that you have raised.  I see the routing arbiter as one a part of 
the new architecture that I have so far not understood and I was/am 
beginning to wonder whether it might hold some promise for solving some 
of the backbone stress problems I wrote about in my last newsletter.  
please remember that i have not officially published anything on this issue 
yet.  Nsf is spending $10 million a year on the 2 RA coop 
agreements....right?  seems like they should be getting something more 
useful for the money than so far has been the case.

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