Internet software development acceleration

Kent W. England kwe at
Sat Dec 2 00:58:08 UTC 1995

At 10:26 AM 12/1/95, Eilish McCaffrey wrote:
>  I am a participant, as a 'listener', to the nanog.  I understand its
>origins and also applaud how information is shared among 'competitive'
>entities ie ISPs.
> ...
>     We are all working to build an optimal Internet infrasturcture and the
>software\web enablement techniques available might help accelerate
>capabilities\enhancements to market.  If we chose to use this language
>'toolkit' as a whole, which can be used for 'intranet' and I\S solutions as
>well, it might minimize the technological frustrations of today.
>      Any thoughts?
> Eilish McCaffrey

Does this language toolkit contain terms such as:

"I understand what you are saying..."
"I respect your position, but I disagree with you on this point, ..."
"In the spirit of cooperation, let's do this..."?

If not, it won't help much.


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