Kent W. England kwe at
Fri Aug 18 17:30:42 UTC 1995

At 5:04 AM 8/17/95, Yakov Rekhter wrote:
>In IPv6 there is a notion of "IPv4 compatible" addresses. These are
>IPv6 addresses (128 bits) that have IPv4 address as their low order 32
>bits and the rest (96 bits) are zero. ...
>What you said is correct only if hosts use IPv6 addresses that
>are not "IPv4 compatible". But transition with hosts that don't have
>IPv4 compatible addresses is quite messy.


If you have an IPv6 capable host, why use "IPv4 compatible" addresses?  Why
not use an algorithmic translation that includes a provider prefix?  It
would seem to me that any IPv6 host should have the capability to
algorithmically translate its IPv4 address, preferably dynamically.


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