Simon Poole poole at
Thu Aug 17 04:35:25 UTC 1995

>    Yakov, if you have data that CIDR is -not- working for new allocations
>    please present it here.
> Simon,
> >From the last CIDRD meeting (Erik-Jan Bos's slides), we have strong
> data which indicates that the routing table sizes are again growing at
> the double-every-nine-months rate.  Thus the obvious concern.  The
> exact source of this growth has not been determined quantitatively.


Which somewhat explains why this group reminds me of a bunch of decapitated

Would it be correct to interpret your last sentence as:

	  We don't what the underlying cause of the growth in prefixes
          is (new allocations, old allocations, ISP's not aggregating).

With other words, we don't even know if the I-D in question is fixing the 
right problem.


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