Tony Li tli at
Wed Aug 16 18:16:41 UTC 1995

   > Let's excuse the fact that gated consumes more memory than a cisco for the
   > same amount of routes for a second...

   HA HA HA HA. Sorry, had to laugh. Is my PCI Pentium limited to 64Mb RAM
   and can only carry ~30k routes? No. 

Neither is your 7000.  ;-)  Wherever you got your numbers from,
they're wrong.

   For a T1 line or Ethernet,
   especially locally in the US (not here) the cost of the router *outweighs*
   the cost of the line, and so commercial decisions will be made based on
   router cost.

For a T1, perhaps the monthly charge, but over the lifetime of the
line, I don't believe this.


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