Simon Poole poole at
Wed Aug 16 17:49:31 UTC 1995

Yakov writes:

> The most serious problem we're facing is NOT how to route to the existing
> allocations, but how we're going to route to all the new allocations that are
> due to the exponential growth of the Internet. 

>From this and an earlier mail (somewhere you said we should "deploy CIDR")
I sense some kind of fundamental problem in this discussion.

>From -my- point of view CIDR -is- deployed:

	- we've been allocating from provider blocks for probably two
	  years now, and the number of prefixes announced has been 
	  growing -very- slowly (with respect to -new- allocation
	  of addresses), even with customers not returning their addresses
	  when they leave us. Do you have -any- hard data that anything
	  else is happening at a global scale?

	- there is naturally a tendency for the provider address space
	  to fragment over time, however do we have -any- data that this
	  is causing any of the problems we are seeing (it surely isn't
          creating a large increase in prefixes -now-)?

	- nearly -all- of the prefixes we announce are pre-CIDR allocations
          (B and quite a large number of C's (that we are trying to clean
          up)), I don't believe this to be different with any other ISP.

Yakov, if you have data that CIDR is -not- working for new allocations
please present it here.


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